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We are seriously RESPONSIBLE towards our Employees, Customers and Community.


German Plant Experience Group is a conglomeration of companies spread across various countries across the world dealing with machines, components and products like concrete batching plants, cement silos, cement terminals and pugmill for the concrete and asphalt industry. Initiated by Mr. Markus Guckenhan and Mr.Matthias Gottschalk in Germany; German Plant Experience GmbH was set up with a mission to work towards production of concrete and concrete products in the most technologically advanced manner and at a reasonable price for the benefit of concrete industry at large. They entered the markets as Concrete Batching Plant manufacturer.

The efforts of these German Entrepreneurs were suitably been rewarded, as GPE has successfully commissioned more than 100 production facilities for concrete all over the world for different customers in concrete industry. By different patterns of holdings, associations and collaborations, the brand of German Plant Experience has further been taken to distant shores of United Arab Emirates, Italy and Australia; with factories installed in many more countries around the world for our clients.

GPE, as a group, has dealt with different machines producing concrete and asphalt, as well as manufacturing concrete products.We have established, for our customers, large integrated complexes for concrete batching plant manufacturing at various locations around the world. As a result of such experience, GPE has observed that any customer who wishes to manufacture Concrete, Asphalt or associated Infrastructural products anywhere in the world is offered quality at exorbitant prices or products with very low quality. To offer a fair go to worldwide clients of GPE, we offer the right combinational matrix of high quality at reasonable price to our customers; who can be assured that we will be there to support them as and when they need us in future.

GPE Quality Policy

German Plant Experience Pty Ltd shall provide state of the art equipments and  services to the manufacturing industry with specific reference to storage of Cement and production of concrete and concrete products in civil and structural industry.

In addition to the quality management implementation, in-house technical and safety standards of GPE shall be adhered to ensure the highest level of quality delivered to our clients, keep the safety of all personnel paramount. The quality policy manual shall addresses all the management and control systems for production in a safe engineering environment.

All civil and structural activities shall be performed by competent, qualified personnel, in accordance to requirements of our worldwide clients. Design requests by the clients shall be submitted to specialist design organisations for preparation, and are managed by qualified engineers as per the stipulated standards relevant locally.

Our worldwide clients shall be offered with an optimum level of service and quality at a reasonable price in line with our Mission Statement. Internationally recognized and respected relevant standards shall be followed for objective achievement to the complete satisfaction of our clients. The QMS (Quality Management System) thus applied shall ensure completion of all activities, serial and parallel, in a controlled and systematic way thereby promoting continuous improvement in our services and equipment. All the work execution shall be done to satisfy the predetermined quality parameters, with all employees, suppliers and contractors made aware of them, and GPE’s insistence to meet our high standards of uncompromised quality standards. All the parameters shall be measurable making them possible to be assessed and subject to improvement every single time.  The quality systems shall stay dynamic and be subject to improvement on regular intervals.

GPE shall lay great emphasis on the Progress, Safety, Health, Personal achievements, Job Satisfaction, Skill upgradation and Management qualities of its employees, partners and contractors alike; and work towards upliftment of the same. GPE recognises with gratitude that its continued success has been possible only by hard work, discipline, high skill deployment and dedication of all its employees, partners and contractors. GPE recognises that it’s work towards raising the bar of employee engagement is the single most important factor in further progress; and staying ahead of the competition.

OHS Policy

GPE is committed to occupational health and safety of its employees, contractors, partners and clients in the Industrial Environment that it works in; and considers it as an important aspect of its social and moral obligations. The work ethics are so designed that offer safety and security to all in the contracts that GPE executes around the world.

Goal Achievement by

  • Specifying individuals and groups to define measurable roles; and make them responsible for achieving GPE’s corporate philosophy for work related safety of all concerned.

  • Designing and implementing procedures, targets and objectives to eliminate possibilities of work site related incidents.

  • Complying with all local codes, standards and guidelines and adhering to statutory guidelines in effect.


NDIA Airport

Mixing plants for the New Doha International Airport

German Plant Experience LLC in Dubai has established itself within a very short space of time as one of the most important mixing plant suppliers in the Middle East. Countless building sites and large projects are supplied with ready-mix concrete produced according to international standards on GPE concrete batching plants, including one of the largest construction projects in the Middle East, the New Doha International Airport (NDIA).

When the airport opened in 2009, it offered capacities for 50 million passengers and 2 million tonnes of freight annually. GPE has supplied and installed two mixing plants for this project, each with a capacity of 150 cbm/hr. The highest demands were and are placed on the plants. To satisfy those demands, GPE has integrated the latest plant and control technology. Each plant consists of 6 aggregate boxes with a total storage volume of 240 cbm. Inorder to guarantee rapid aggregate dosing, two independent weighing belts are each dosed by 3 boxes. Hence two aggregates can always be dosed simultaneously. The two weighing belts discharge centrally onto an elevating conveyor with a cleated belt and a belt width of 1200 mm. The elevating conveyor discharges into a preliminary silo with a volume of 6750 litres. An IME twin-shaft compulsory mixer with a concrete output of 4.5 cbm per batch is used. A 9 cbm ready-mix truck can hence be filled with two mixing batches. In order to offer the operator optimum possibilities, each mixer is equipped with a special camera. Hence at the push of a button he can check the consistency of the concrete during mixing via a colour monitor.

Besides that, dry loading is also possible, i.e. all raw materials can be fed directly to the ready-mix truck, bypassing the mixer. In order to always have a sufficiently large reserve of cement even during periods of peak activity, each plant is equipped with a total of 9 cement silos. Four of these are 700 tonne silos that serve as a passive store from which the active silos can be filled as required. There are four 300 tonne silos directly at the plant for cement and GGBS, as well as a 100 tonne silo for microsilica. Besides the 2000 kg cement scales, the microsilica also has its own set of scales.

In order to fulfil the stringent emission requirements,a separate filter system is installed in the concrete batching plants that ensures virtually dust-free production.

WEBCon controller for highest demands

In order to meet the demands placed on the plant software by the client, the GPE control software WEBCon is used. This has made an outstanding name for itself not just in the construction of the Burj Dubai. More and more plants are presently being converted to WEBCon. The latest web technology in conjunction with standard software components guarantees the user the highest degree of flexibility and operator-friendliness. Clear menus and self-explanatory buttons provide the operator with maximum operating convenience and a very good overview. Two TFT monitors are connected to the master computer. The operator can hence effortlessly select recipes, input orders or set plant parameters, whilst the second monitor provides him with a visualisation of the complete production process.

The plant visualisation consists of an overview page, from where the operator can zoom in per mouse click on the individual parts of the plant and get detailed information. The delivery note printout was specially adapted to the customer’s requirements. Comprehensive statistics allow the customer to view consumptions, fill levels and other production parameters quickly and easily. All statistics can be output at freely selectable time intervals. Consumption statistics with administration of material withdrawals and nominal/actual comparisons with difference calculation are included, as are customer, building site or vehicle statistics and order statistics with the output of all components contained in the recipe.

In order to provide the user with the greatest possible transparency and operating convenience, WEBCon has been integrated in a company Intranet. The use of software standards allows the customer to install this architecture himself with little expenditure of time and costs.

Hence all employees have the possibility to view the data and production processes that are relevant to them direct from their workplace using Internet Explorer. Once again GPE is contributing to the realisation of a large project in the Middle East with this convincing plant concept.

People Behind GPE

Matthias Gottschalk


More than 30 Years hands-on experience in Engineering Design, Construction Management, Software Control Management, Erection Supervision, Commissioning and Troubleshooting of Concrete Batching Plants.

Markus Guckenhan

Heidelberg, Germany

Engineering professional with specialization in Mechanical design, Machine & Operational Optimization, International Customer Interactive Engagement, Vendor Development.

Akash Kaul

Melbourne, Australia

Mechanical Engineering Professional with International expertise in Infrastructural Project Development, Customer Engagement, Tailoring Customer specific Solutions, Bilateral & Multilateral Funding and International Trade and Finance.

Cesare Palmieri


With career long background specialising in Concrete Batching Plants as an Application Specialist. Eveready to answer techno-commercial issues with respect to Concrete Batching Plants in various challenging applications.