Flat Rectangular Cement Terminals

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Flat & Horizontal Cement Terminals to manufacturers and suppliers of Cement worldwide.

German Plant Experience, as a premier Low Height Flat Rectangular Cement Terminals Supplier, caters to the specific requirement of  worldwide clients. Such Flat Cement Terminals are especially beneficial in the following circumstances :

  • At sites where tall cylindrical silos are not allowed by the local authorities due to proximity of airport. Local authorities may also lean in favour of low height Cement Terminals where Tall Silos can overwhelm the scenic beauty or other local landmarks.

  • Certain sites have limitations of deep foundations due to a high water table in the ground. Since these silos do not need very deep foundations, it is a preferred solution in such circumstances.

  • In certain Port areas of the world, the Port Authorities do not want deep digging due to existing underground infrastructure. In such circumstances, Flat Rectangular Silos can offer a very good solution for Cement Storage at Port.

The main operational features of Flat Rectangular Silos are :

  • Terminal SR 1050 has a unique structure design. After modular manufacturing in factory, the Terminal is transported in shipping containers to the site in a complete un-assembled form. Local labour and resources are used to assemble the Silo at site, and erected. Factory trained supervisors are always available to guide client’s technicians to assemble and erect the Silo in the safest manner.

  • The design of Flat Storage Terminal SR-1050 has been conceived in a manner to receive cement directly; mechanically or pneumatically, from the ships. The Container can also be loaded pneumatically from the Cement Trucks.

  • The Cement from the Terminal can be unloaded directly to the Cement Trucks pneumatically.

  • All parts are bolted, which makes transportation and erection very easy, as well as it is a demountable storage. Compared to welded Terminals, it is much easier and faster to shift this silo from one location to another location.

  • The storage terminal SR 1050 is a modular plant composed of one or more silos of 1050 m3 each, according to customer’s requirement.

  • On customer’s request, the terminal SR 1050 can be equipped with a cell system for the weighing of cement before unloading.