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Designed in Germany, we are leading Concrete Batching and Mixing Plant manufacturer and supplier to Concrete Manufacturers all over the world.

German Plant Experience offers Custom Manufactured Concrete Batching Plant rated from 30 m³/h up to 150 m³/h, delivered and installed in most countries around the world. Depending upon the requirement of our worldwide clients, we offer all solutions in Concrete Batching Plants whether it is a continuously producing Readymix Batching Plant or a Concrete Precast manufacturing application. By customizing our Concrete Plants to our clients’ specific requirements, we can offer Wet Concrete Batching Plants or Dry Concrete Batching Plants.

With our associated offices in Germany, Italy and Middle East, we are able to strike the perfect balance between a Competitive Price and Continuous Upgrades in the Technology for the benefit of our worldwide clients.With all our Cement Mixing Plant being manufactured to the stringent Quality Controls of our German engineers, we are in a unique position to supply you with state of the art equipment that has been tested in the most demanding environments in the world.

Our standard and customised Concrete Batching Plants provide all that you require of your Concrete Plants. Our products are of extremely high quality giving it the sturdiness and durability you expect in your concrete batching plant.

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Concrete Batching Plants

Mixer and Mixer Tower

At our clients’ request, our concrete batching plants can come equipped with Planetary Mixer, Pan Mixer or a Twin Shaft Mixer up to a maximum of 4.50m³ of Compacted Concrete output. The client can ask for a standard Concrete Mixer from us; or can specify the brand of the Mixer.We can integrate a variety of Mixers from various concrete plant manufacturers in our Batching Plants like BHS, SICOMA, IME, TEKA etc. depending upon application of the batching plant. Clients can specify highly abrasive resistant mixer lining to increase the trouble free working life of the mixer.

The Robust Mixer structure is designed as per the specific requirements of the clients, with concrete discharge chute positioned at suitable height. The chute can be suitably positioned to discharge concrete either directly to a Mixer Truck (For Readymix Application); Forklift (For Concrete Egglayer and other applications) or to a custom made flying bucket to move concrete for precast manufacturing. The mixer tower can also be supplied as Hot Dip Galvanized at clients request.

For a readymix application, our cement batch plants come equipped with a waiting hopper as a standard feature.This ensures that at any instant, three batches of concrete are under manufacturing. This increases the output of the Concrete Batching Plant significantly.

Aggregate Storage

While designing our aggregate storages (or hoppers as some clients refer them to), following parameters are of primary concern :

The Aggregate storage should be collapsible so that it can be economically transported in shipping containers around the world.

We are able to offer any reasonable storage capacity to our worldwide customers as per their demand.

The aggregate storage should be rugged enough to withstand the abrasiveness of stones, sand and other raw material over elongated periods of time under outdoor conditions.

Wherever specified by the client, aggregate storage is supplied as Hot Dip galvanised to improve the life expectancy of the equipment as well as to improve the visual appeal of the Concrete Batching Plant.

The capacity of the aggregate storage is decided in consultation with the client. The primary factors remain the output of the Concrete Batching Plant as well as number of hours the plant runs per day. Higher utilization of Batch Plant can demand a aggregate storage of 6 bins of 50m³; adding to a total of 300m³ which is sufficient under most demanding project environment.

The aggregate storage is industrially designed ensuring that the mechanical, electric and electronic components used are highly capable of withstanding harsh outdoor conditions. Appropriate weatherproof housings are used wherever required.

Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturers

Aggregate Conveying

Depending upon the Application, Capacity and Layout parameters of the Concrete Batching Plant, the clients can opt for either an Inclined Conveyor or a Skip to transport aggregates and sand from the Aggregate Storage Bins to the Mixer. While using an Inclined Conveyor, different widths are offered to ensure that the capacity to convey the aggregates always surpassing the requirement of the mixer by a substantial margin to ensure maximum mixer utilisation. The Skips are also available in different sizes depending upon the mixer size, and can be offered from manufacturer of client’s choice.
While using Inclined conveyor, ribbed endless rubber conveyors are also offered in case of layout limitations of a smaller footprint of the overall plant. Ribber Conveyors can efficiently carry aggregates at a higher angle than the ordinary belts. As a standard, the inclined conveyors come fitted with galvanised housing to avoid dust creation as well as water retention due to rain.

Control System

GPE, as a leading concrete batching plant manufacturer, has its own world-renowned WEBcon control system, considered so accurate in dosing that it has proudly been used in the concrete for Burj Dubai, by far the tallest building in the World.The Network capable batch management is based on client-server-structure. The software contains:

Recipe database Complete production at a glance.
Customer database Easy up-gradation of existing systems
Truck database WEBCon increases your production capacity by up to 20%
Site database Link all your plants via network
Component database Access your production via Explorer
Moisture correction
Consumption statistics Alarm messaging via SMS or Email
Complete visualization of the production process. Preventive maintenance